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Welcome to Active Captive Management


Active Captive Management (ACM) specializes in the formation and management of captive insurance companies for the middle market.


Since 2005, Active Captive Management has provided alternative risk solutions, formation and management services to a wide range of operating companies. As an independent captive manager, ACM values the strategic alliances and partnerships with our client’s advisors and representatives. As each client is unique, the design of specialized captive risk solutions must be tailored appropriately to those specific risks. Combining over three decades of insurance experience, ACM provides risk transfer solutions in the following industries; Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Distribution and Warehousing, Engineering, Food and Beverage, Fuel and Oil, Healthcare Services, Manufacturing, Nursing Homes, Real Estate Development and Technology.


Captive Insurance Experience Beyond Convention


Consider the alternatives to traditional insurance without experiencing a sales driven philosophy to providing transfer, financing and captive management risk options. Consider Active Captive Management.


Captive Insurance as an alternative risk management strategy is being used by more than half of the Fortune 1,500 US and multinational corporations.


ACM provides smaller or medium size companies a clear definition of a viable captive, assessing our clients risk exposure and financing objectives.


ACM provides the expertise to form, manage and operate your captive, enabling ownership to retain focus on primary business entities, while engaging a team of experts in the captive industry to effectively manage the compliance, regulations and financial aspects of the supporting captive.


Captive Insurance



Join us at the 2017 WRCIC.


Fred Turner, Founder of ACM will be presenting the topic “When is a Business Risk an Insurance Risk” at the Western Region Captive Insurance Conference, LLC (WRCIC) on May 23rd in Salt Lake City, Utah.


What is an insurance risk? Where did the idea “business risk” come from? These are a few questions Mr. Turner will answer in his discussion at the 2017 WRCIC “Collaborating for a Bright Future” conference. This presentation explores the IRS’s position on whether business/investment risk is an insurable risk.


The Western Region Captive Insurance Conference (WRCIC) is a joint affair hosted by the Arizona Captive Insurance Association, Utah Captive Insurance Association, and Missouri Captive Insurance Association. The conference will be held in the Salt Lake City Marriott City Center in Utah from May 22nd to the 24th. The conference education and panel discussion will offer insight on future expectations in the industry and topics relevant to captive owners and industry experts.


2017 WRCIC


To register for the conference or view the conference agenda please visit:




Fred Turner and Dana Sheridan have been selected to present at CICA’s 2017 International Conference.


Fred will be speaking on the topic “When is a Business Risk an Insurance Risk?”, a subject Fred is well versed in as his article with the same title was published by the ABA in May of 2016. Dana will be presenting on “Regulatory Interaction: A Small Captive Perspective in the Evolving State and Federal Climate”. Dana was recently named to Captive Review’s ERC Pioneers List. This year’s CICA International Conference offers a deeper understanding of the causes of disruptions and strategies for harnessing these changes to optimize your captive's performance. The conference will be held in San Diego, CA from March 12-14 2017.


2017 CICA


To find out more details or to register, visit online at:




Active Captive Management's Founder, Fred Turner, is presenting on the history of captive insurance companies at the Self-Insurance Institute of America's (SIIA) 36th Annual National Educational Conference & Expo.


The Self-Insurance Institute of America's 36th Annual National Educational Conference & Expo is the world's largest event dedicated exclusively to the self-insurance/alternative risk transfer industry. The Conference was held September 25-27th in Austin, TX and attracted more than 1,700 attendees from the United States and from a growing number of countries around the world. Fred Turner is presenting alongside Ryan Work, SIIA's Senior Director of Government Relations. The duo hosted an educational session on the topic "The Past, Present & Future of ERC Captive Regulation", with Mr. Turner covering the history of IRC 831(b) from its inception to present day and Mr. Work speaking on the 2015 PATH Act and what we can expect in the evolving captive landscape going forward.


2016 SIIA



Active Captive Management Sponsors Orange County YMCA Event


Active Captive returned as a Major Sponsor for the inspiring “Fore the Kids” event hosted at Marbella Country Club on October 3rd, 2016. This was the 6th annual charity golf tournament benefitting the Mission Viejo Family YMCA and the Earn-a-Bike Program. The tournament was attended by ACM’s Founder, Fred Turner, and Chief Operations Officer, Michael McKahan.


2016 YMCA Golf Tournament



2016 Montana Captive Insurance Association Annual Conference


Active Captive Management was proud to return as a Grizzly Sponsor at the 11th annual MCIA Conference held July 18-20, 2016 in Whitefish, MT. Active’s President, Park Eddy, presented at the conference regarding the challenges and opportunities in doing business in the Montana domicile. Park noted “It is incredibly vital for a captive manager to have a trusted relationship with domicile regulators, as is our relationship with Montana. This allows for enhanced regulatory compliance throughout the life of the captive.” The conference was also attended by Active’s Chief Financial Officer, Deanna Gilpin, and General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Dana Hentges Sheridan, Esq.


Captive Office



2016 Hope Golf Tournament for Laura’s House


Active Captive Management returned as a Silver Sponsor for the 4th annual Hope Golf Tournament supporting Laura’s House, an Orange Country based charity which has provided support for domestic violence-related services to over 50,000 individuals since 1994. This is truly a worthy cause that makes a difference in our community here in Orange County. The Hope Tournament was attended by Michael McKahan, Chief Operations Officer, and Cinda Carbone, Executive Vice President of Sales. For a second consecutive year, Cinda took home the longest ladies drive award. Additional sponsors that include South County Lexus and Fluidmaster continued their tradition of support. A special thank you to our CFO, Deanna Gilpin, for her involvement as a committee member.


Lauras House Hope Golf Tournament



Fred Turner, Founder of Active Captive is pleased to announce our membership of the South Carolina Captive Insurance Association.


SCCIA promotes the formation and growth of captive insurance programs within the state of South Carolina. Captive insurance programs are a valuable tool for many corporate entities looking for a better way to manage risk.


To learn more, visit: http://www.sccia.org



Fred Turner, Founder of Active Captive is pleased to announce our approval as a captive manager in the State of Oklahoma.


Oklahoma is one of the newest and most attractive on-shore captive domiciles. Due to recent legislation, Oklahoma boasts a brand new, state of the art, captive statute which incorporates flexibility and a supportive regulatory environment.


To learn more, visit: http://www.ok.gov/oid/oklahomacaptive.html



Active Captive announces membership of the Delaware Captive Insurance Association.


Delaware is one of the fastest growing captive domiciles in the world. When Delaware formed the Bureau of Captive and Financial Insurance Products in 2009, Delaware had only 38 captive insurers. Today Delaware boasts over 550 active captives in various types including risk retention groups, special purpose captives, and sponsored cell captives.


To learn more, visit: http://www.delawarecaptive.org



Active Captive is pleased to announce our approval as a captive manager in the State of North Carolina.


North Carolina’s captive legislation was placed in effect in October 2013, establishing 5 licenses as of May 2014. Distinguishing features unique to North Carolina include: Reasonable capital requirements and  Competitive premium tax rates with a $100,000 premium tax cap. North Carolina has made a strong long-term commitment to the captive industry. From the Insurance Commissioner to the N.C. General Assembly to the North Carolina Captive Insurance Association, all are committed to making North Carolina a great new home for captives.


To learn more, visit: North Carolina Department of Insurance: http://www.ncdoi.com/NCCaptives



Domicile Showcase:


A Captives primary jurisdiction is known as it’s domicile. Selecting the right domicile is an integral component of the captive decision process. Domiciles are represented on shore and off shore, many having been established for decades and home to large and mid market captive insurance companies. The factors to consider when selecting a domicile include: Regulatory Environment, Infrastructure, Geographic Location, Tax and Operating Expenses. The domiciles represented are the largest on shore and off shore, by number of captive licenses.


Domicile Requirements and Comparison Chart


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Catpive Risk Analysis



Active Captive Management is honored to have been nominated for a second year as a finalist for the 2016 U.S. Captive Service Awards hosted by Captive Review.


ACM has been named a finalist for the categories Enterprise Risk Captive Manager of the Year and Captive Management- Customer Care. The 2016 awards will be hosted in Burlington, Vermont on August 8th and highlight the development of the North American Captive Industry. ACM is proud to be honored for being a pioneer in the industry and for Active’s commitment to outstanding customer service throughout all facets of captive management. The 2016 US Captive Services Awards are judged by risk and insurance professionals from seven American captive owning corporations. In 2015, ACM was named a finalist for the category “Captive Manager of the Year.


Captive Global Services Award 2016



Frederick E. Turner, Founder of Active Captive Management is featured in Business Law Today’s May 2016 publication.


The article “When Is a Business Risk an Insurance Risk?” explores the position taken by the IRS in regards to whether business/investment risk is an insurable risk and the use of a Captive as a vital Risk Management solution. Mr. Turner serves as the Vice Chairman of the ABA Business Law Section’s Captive Insurance Committee.


Captive Visions Best Practices - Top Ten Regulatory Best Practices


You can find the article here:




Active Captive Management’s Founder and General Counsel, Frederick E. Turner & Dana Hentges Sheridan, are presenting as panelists at American Conference Institute’s 4th Annual Advanced Forum on Captive Insurance.


The conference will be held May 2-3, 2016 at the Carlton Hotel on Madison Avenue, New York, New York.


Fred and Dana will be panelists on the subject “Enterprise Risk Captives: The Past, the Present, and the Future”; the panel will be Monday May 2, 2016 at 2 p.m. EST.


Attendance at the conference can earn you CLE and CPE Credits.


To find out more details or to register, visit online at:

http://www.AmericanConference.com/Captive or by calling 1-888-224-2480


Link to American Conference Institute Captive Insurance



Join Fred Turner, Dana Sheridan, and Cinda Carbone at CICA’s 2016 International Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona on March 6-8!


Program topics such as; The Power of Captives, Implement Big Strategies – Expand Value with a Captive and Small Captives; As the World Turns, are expected to provide insight in the recent changes in the captive industry. The CICA 2016 International Conference is a great place to network with industry leaders and to mingle with Active Captive Management’s Founder, General Counsel, and Executive Vice President of Sales.


To view conference highlights and to register please go to:



Link to American Conference Institute Captive Insurance



Active’s General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Dana Hentges Sheridan, ongoing contribution to the Captive Visions Best Practices Series, features a “Top Ten Regulatory Best Practices; How to Ensure your ERC Captive is Compliant with State Insurance Regulation”.


The article is co-authored by Jeffrey K. Simpson, Esq. of Gordon, Fournaris & Mammarella.


Captive Visions Best Practices - Top Ten Regulatory Best Practices


You can find the article here:



We also recommend that you visit www.captiveglobal.com and subscribe to Captive Visions for timely and interesting industry insight from internationally recognized authorities and regulators.



Active Captive Management’s Founder, Frederick E. Turner, is featured in the Captive Insurance Times September 2015 publication.


The article is titled “Playing Where the Risk is Going to Be: Using a Captive for Cyber Losses and Liability”. In the article, Fred Turner describes the growing risks related to cyber security that all businesses’ face, and how a captive insurance company can help organizations plan, prepare, and mitigate that risk. Mr. Turner is an expert in insurance law and regulation and offers his practical advice for how captive insurers can help to cover the risk presented by cyber claims, loss and damages.


Frederick Turner


You can find the article here:




Active’s General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Dana Hentges Sheridan, is featured in Captive Visions July 2015 publication, which provides “Best Practices in Handling Claims for Captive Insurance Companies ", the second article in a ”best practices” series that will be published in Captive Visions over the course of 2015.


Dana Sheridan


You can find the article here:



We also recommend that you visit www.captiveglobal.com and subscribe to Captive Visions for timely and interesting industry insight from internationally recognized authorities and regulators.


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