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Welcome to Active Captive Management

Active Captive Management (ACM) specializes in the formation of captive insurance and management of captive insurance companies for small and medium size companies.


Combining over 3 decades of Captive Risk Solutions talent and experience, Active Captive Management provides risk transfer solutions in the following industries; Real Estate Development, Healthcare, Fuel and Oil, Nursing Home’s, Manufacturing, Automotive, Agriculture and Franchising, to name a few. Active Captive Management is an approved captive insurance manager in the following domiciles; On-shore: Alabama, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Kentucky, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee and Utah. Off-shore: Anguilla, Bermuda, Nevis, Puerto Rico and St. Christopher & Nevis.


Captive Insurance Experience Beyond Convention


Consider the alternatives to traditional insurance without experiencing a sales driven philosophy to providing transfer, financing and captive management risk options. Consider Active Captive Management.


Captive Insurance as an alternative risk management strategy is being used by more than half of the Fortune 1,500 US and multinational corporations.


ACM provides smaller or medium size companies a clear definition of a viable captive, assessing our clients risk exposure and financing objectives.


ACM provides the expertise to form, manage and operate your captive, enabling ownership to retain focus on primary business entities, while engaging a team of experts in the captive industry to effectively manage the compliance, regulations and financial aspects of the supporting captive.


Captive Insurance


Fred Turner, Founder of Active Captive is pleased to announce our membership of the Missouri Captive Insurance Association.


MOCIA was formed to serve as a source of information about MO captives, and as an information clearinghouse for services supporting the captive insurance industry within Missouri.

To learn more, visit: http://mocaptive.com



Fred Turner, Founder of Active Captive is pleased to announce our membership of the South Carolina Captive Insurance Association.


SCCIA promotes the formation and growth of captive insurance programs within the state of South Carolina. Captive insurance programs are a valuable tool for many corporate entities looking for a better way to manage risk.


To learn more, visit: http://www.sccia.org



Fred Turner, Founder of Active Captive is pleased to announce our approval as a captive manager in the State of Oklahoma.


Oklahoma is one of the newest and most attractive on-shore captive domiciles. Due to recent legislation, Oklahoma boasts a brand new, state of the art, captive statute which incorporates flexibility and a supportive regulatory environment.


To learn more, visit: http://www.ok.gov/oid/oklahomacaptive.html



Active Captive announces membership of the Delaware Captive Insurance Association.


Delaware is one of the fastest growing captive domiciles in the world. When Delaware formed the Bureau of Captive and Financial Insurance Products in 2009, Delaware had only 38 captive insurers. Today Delaware boasts over 550 active captives in various types including risk retention groups, special purpose captives, and sponsored cell captives.


To learn more, visit: http://www.delawarecaptive.org



Active Captive is pleased to announce our approval as a captive manager in the State of North Carolina.


North Carolina’s captive legislation was placed in effect in October 2013, establishing 5 licenses as of May 2014. Distinguishing features unique to North Carolina include: Reasonable capital requirements and  Competitive premium tax rates with a $100,000 premium tax cap. North Carolina has made a strong long-term commitment to the captive industry. From the Insurance Commissioner to the N.C. General Assembly to the North Carolina Captive Insurance Association, all are committed to making North Carolina a great new home for captives.


To learn more, visit: North Carolina Department of Insurance: http://www.ncdoi.com/NCCaptives



Active Captive Management is pleased to announce our first formation in the State of Hawaii.


Designed and facilitated by Cinda Carbone, this Hawaii domiciled pure captive provides policy lines that cover self insured losses and mitigate commercial gaps in coverage for a large privately owned real estate holding company. Ms. Carbone’s extensive experience with the Hawaii Captive Insurance Regulators facilitated a seamless formation process and resulted in our obtaining a license for the new captive within 60 days.


Hawaii’s captive law was enacted in 1987. With 175 captive as of June, 2012, Hawaii is one of the largest on-shore domiciles. Industry Groups typically represented by the Hawaii Captive Insurance Council are: Construction & Real Estate (57), Health Care (29), Telecommunications & Manufacturing (30), Retail & Other Services (25), Financial Services (16) and Transportation & Energy (18). Hawaii captives have grown to an estimated $14 billion in combined assets and $2.6 billion in premiums according to the latest update from the Deputy Insurance Commissioner.


For more information on Hawaii’s captive environment visit the regulatory web site at http://cca.hawaii.gov/captive/ and the Hawaii Captive Insurance Council’s web site at http://hawaiicaptives.com/hawaii-means-business.



Active Captive is pleased to announce our first captive formation in the State of Missouri.


Centrally located, Missouri is home to over 3,000 insurance companies as well as members of some of the world’s largest reinsurance groups are domiciled in the state. Captive legislation was enacted in 2007 and the Department provides a responsive, highly qualified staff


To learn more, visit: Missouri Department of Insurance:




Active Captive is pleased to announce our first captive formation in the State of Nevada.


In 2013 Nevada formed a record 30 captive insurers. Ranked the *7th largest captive domicile nationally, Nevada provides an experienced Insurance Division staff and a fair and consistent regulatory environment.


To learn more, visit: Nevada Division of Insurance:



*BI survey 3/2014.


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What is a Captive Insurance Company anyway, and why would I want one?


Catpive Risk Analysis



Active Captive Executive Staff Attends the 2014 Hawaii Captive Insurance Council Conference


Hawaii Captive Insurance


Cinda Carbone, EVP of Sales attended the Hawaii Educational Forum 2014 which provided an excellent agenda for the 220 attendees with more than 30% of the participants captive owners. Stephen Schott , the keynote speaker and captive owner, provided a rare insight into his ten year co-ownership of the Oakland Athletics and the “real story” behind the Money ball A’s.


Sanford Saito, the Deputy Commissioner and Captive Insurance Administrator provided excerpts from a recent interview with BestReview.com:


“Hawaii is home to 188 active formations.”


“Our captive regulatory unit is a specialized branch within the Insurance Division that focuses specifically on the needs of captives and captive regulations. We’ve had continuing and steady support from the governor and legislators to ensure that we are properly staffed to serve captive owners and to keep the laws and regulations up to date in this rapidly changing area. Since last summer we’ve added five new captive positions to bring our total number on staff to 15 professionals in the Captive Branch…”


Hawaii offers certain premium tax advantages to captive insurers. “The highest premium tax rate is 0.25% on premiums up to $25 million, and it’s a decreasing sliding scale thereafter. Our maximum premium tax is $200,000 and we have no minimum tax. We do not tax assumed reinsurance premiums or captive premiums that are already taxed elsewhere and that is particularly beneficial for large fronted programs or captive risk retention groups.”


The official Post more information on Hawaii’s captive insurance industry may be viewed at: www.hawaiicaptives.com



The October 2014 edition of Captive Review features an article on the NAIC's proposed definition of "multi-state reinsurer" - a topic many in the captive industry are following with interest.


It looks like the industry can breathe a sigh of relief as it appears the NAIC's F Committee will be revising the problematic definition in response to industry outcry that it was over-broadly worded.


ACM's General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer Dana Hentges Sheridan spoke to Captive Review and her commentary was made part of the article - You can find the article via the link below (at pages 24-25):




NAIC set to ‘revise’ proposed accreditation standards.


Dana Hentges Sheridan, Active Captive Management’s General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, attended the NAIC fall meeting in Louisville, Kentucky. Ms. Sheridan was in attendance at the August 16 meeting of the Financial Regulation Standards and Accreditation (F) Committee and the August 17 meeting of the Reinsurance (E) Task Force. At these meetings, Director Huff represented that the NAIC would be looking into revising the proposed definition of “multi-state reinsurer.”


You can read Ms. Sheridan’s comments on the issue to Captive Review here:



ACM’s position letter in opposition to the proposed definition here:



Check back with us frequently, we will continue to provide updates and commentary as the issues and events surrounding the proposed definition develop.



Active Captive Management’s founder and visionary, Frederick E. Turner is featured in Captive Insurance Times August 2014 “VCIA Special” publication as part of a US Panel of experts discussing captive considerations.


The article is entitled “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.” Calling on his over 25 years of experience in the formation of captives and in the alternative risk management industry, Mr. Fred Turner shares his insights and views on the use and growth of captives in the US.


You can find the article here:




Active Captive Comments on Proposed Definition of "Multi-State Reinsurer".


ACM recently took a public position in opposition to a proposal by the NAIC’s F Committee to add the definition of “multi-state reinsurer” in the preamble to the NAIC Accreditation Standards. We believe this proposal has unintended and broad reaching consequences and are joining other regulators and industry leaders such as CICA in opposing it. You can find our position letter via this link and if you have any questions about ACM’s position or the issue generally, please do not hesitate to contact ACM’s General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Dana Sheridan.


Current comment letters may be viewed on the NAIC site at: http://www.naic.org/committees_f.htm. The NAIC periodically updates and changes their website and this link may change.



Dana Hentges Sheridan


Active Captive Management’s General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Dana Hentges Sheridan, Esq., is the author of an article that is featured in the February 2014 ABA online magazine, Business Law Today


The article “Choice of Domicile in Captive Insurance Planning” was co-authored by Jay D. Adkisson, Esq., of Riser Adkisson, LLP. The February issue of Business Law Today features a mini-theme on captive insurance and provides articles and content on what would be the risk management, wealth and tax benefits to a captive, a discussion of considerations going into selecting a domicile for a captive, and what are captive best practices.


Ms. Sheridan and Mr. Adkisson will be part of a panel presenting on captive considerations at the ABA Business Law Section’s Spring Meeting. The meeting will be held at the JW Marriott at L.A. Live, in Los Angeles California from April 10 – 12, 2014. The program they are participating in is called, “Captive Insurance and Organizational Risk Management: Issues and Solutions” and will take place on April 10, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.


Read the article at:




What is a Captive Insurance Company and Why Might Someone Want to Form One?


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Dana Hentges Sheridan, Esq. General Counsel of Active Captive participated in a discussion of why a business owner might want to form a captive insurance company. The interview is conducted in two segments, one from the insurance and risk management perspective and the second to discuss tax and wealth management benefits. The primary point of the discussion focuses on the captive as a risk management and insurance tool.



Domicile Showcase:


A Captives primary jurisdiction is known as it’s domicile. Selecting the right domicile is an integral component of the captive decision process. Domiciles are represented on shore and off shore, many having been established for decades and home to large and mid market captive insurance companies. The factors to consider when selecting a domicile include: Regulatory Environment, Infrastructure, Geographic Location, Tax and Operating Expenses. The domiciles represented are the largest on shore and off shore, by number of captive licenses.


Domicile Requirements and Comparison Chart

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